Queen Crowned in Purpose

My Story


Hi Im Armelle or you can call me what I like to call myself a                               "Queen Crowned in Purpose"

Some of you may know me from the internet as the sexual abuse advocate who tells her story unapologetically or some of you may not know me at all. When I was eleven I had my innocence taken away from me, when it first happened I didn’t really think I was doing anything wrong as my molester was someone who was really close to my family. I didn't get a chance to truly deal with what happened to me at eleven when I was taken advantage of sexually once again. The incidents streaming from my abuse affected me physically, mentally and emotionally. I became depressed and contemplated suicide, from there my life spiraled out of control. I became a teen mother in an abusive relationship, and then homeless this is just to name a few. One day something changed my life for the better, and I finally started helping other victims of abuse which motivated me to start my non-profit organization The Gift of Hope. An organization that not only helps sexual abuse victims through the healing process but also support them through their road of success and triumph, instead of pain and tragedy. In January, 2018 I published my first book "Unleashed (From Pain to Purpose) where I go into depth about my abuse, and the negative impacts and decisions of my life I literally tell it all , the good bad and the ugly. I also share how my life changed for the better and share tips on how you can do the same. I knew that so many other people who went through what I went through was still suffering and needed hope and/or a way out, so the book is a tool to empower and equip others who has been through tragedy and help them Unleash themselves from the pains of their past so they can fulfill their purpose and live a life of abundance just like I did. (I encourage you to get your copy in my shop, the link is below). 

Through the book I was able to start the Unleash Movement a movement to help others unleash themselves from the things they have been through and move forward with their future of abundance. 

As a result of this so many women and men have been touched and received hope and encouragement to keep going despite their past circumstances. 

I encourage you to join the movement and understand that you are not a product of what happened to you and you have the power to choose who you will become. #Unleash yourself!


Armelle .D.